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Media Producer

BPT Talks Episode 2 hosted by Dayna Lindo with featured contributing editor, Mufasa Bastet interviewing Bridgeport well-known artist Netta Walker; Plus an exclusive interview with Bridgeport Interim Chief of Police, AJ Perez; retired police officer David Daniels III, as well as members of CT-Core and Dan Garrett of the ACLU.

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Do you think millennials have a bad rep compared to other generations? MPR seeks to unite and uplift millennials around the world with interesting discussions and music of the new millennium.

Have you ever wondered if the shows you watch have an impact on the way you think, feel and act? This video is a 7-minute documentary short on the impact social media has on society.

Steelpointe Harbor Historic Video Timelaspe

NNI Solar Energy Celebration

Copy Writer


  Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust's 2016 Annual Report

As Content Manager at American View Productions, I had the pleasure of working on a few fun and quirky projects. Above is my favorite. 

News & Entertainment Writer


In Spring 2015, I had a think piece published in the magazine of the communication department at UNH, New Haven Corral. The following semester, I was asked to take over as Editor in Chief from a graduating senior.

In Spring 2016, I was involved in a senior seminar course that studied various topics about Income Inequality in the U.S. Our class created a blog and exceeded 15,000 views in a matter of 3 months. Every week, we each published an article to update the website. Check out a few of my best ones below.

Community Organizer

For the past four years, I have been heavily involved in the Bridgeport community. I have a deep passion for social, economic and political progress. It brings me a lot of joy when I can get community engaged and unified.

Digital Artist

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Virtual Walk for Witness Project.jpg
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Postcard designed for the Museum of Fine Arts exhibit titled "Hippie Chic", 2014

View PDF Here

Wedding brochure designed at Suffolk University in Boston, 2014

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